Thursday Night League-Fort Lauderdale

Hi guys, I am coming to you this month with some bad news, that will affect our Thursday night league in Fort Lauderdale. It seems that due to an issue we had at the bar last night that got a little out of control, we have lost our sponsorship from Brinys. This means that for next season and on, we will no longer be meeting at Brinys after  the games. It is truly unfortunate, as we always tried to conduct a good working relationship with this bar, and the actions of a few caused us to lose this great venue. We will be looking into other options, and will have a replacement bar announced sometime before next season starts.


Edit- 4/26/2016- This was an April Fool’s Day joke, and in no way should be taken seriously!

Football!!! It’s that time!


It’s August, and we all know what that means: FOOTBALL! It may only be preseason, but I know you’ve been waiting all year for this time.

You’ve been waiting for those Sunday barbeques, the smell of some fire grilled burgers and fresh cut grass. The sounds of cheering and booing filling your ears. That one drunk friend, who can get a little too into the game. Who doesn’t love football?

Whether you are more into college or into pro, we all know the excitement we feel when watching the game. Deep rivalries can come out. The best of friends can be pinned against each other one week if their rival teams are playing.

It’s South Florida, and the home favorites are of course the Miami Dolphins, and the University of Miami Hurricanes. But we also have huge populations of fans from other teams. In Florida, college football is a big deal. We have fans from the University of Florida Gators and Florida State University Seminoles, as well as the University of Central Florida Knights and University of South Florida Bulls. But who are the pro teams you root for? We have dedicated bars for teams other than the Dolphins. Did you know that Slackers (Fort. Lauderdale) is a Green Bay Packers bar, or that Billy’s Tavern (Davie) is a Pittsburgh Steelers bar?

We want to know where you go to watch the big games, when you aren’t watching them at home. Where are the best football specials? Who has the best TV screens or projectors for watching that up close and personal action?

And if you happen to prefer to spend your time at home watching the game, we all know you have those delicious recipes for party dips or platters to spice up your party. What is your best crowd pleasing recipe?

Here’s one we think is the best thing since sliced bread, and super easy to make. Just grab a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot. The recipe is right on the bottle!


Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip


2 cups shredded chicken (you can use canned it works great, trust me!)

1 (8 oz. package) of softened cream cheese

½ cup Frank’s Red Hot

½ cup blue cheese or ranch dressing

½ cup crumbled bleu cheese or your favorite shredded cheese


Preheat oven to 350F.

Combine all ingredient and spoon into shallow 1 quart baking dish.

Bake 20 minutes or until mixture is heated through; stir. Garnish with chopped green onions if desired. Serve with crackers and/or vegetables!


Summer Time Fun!

It is officially summer! Not that we didnt already notice the 90+ degree temperatures resulting in scorching hot steering wheels that burn your hands when you attempt to drive your car, and visitors from every part of the county crowding our beaches about a month ago. But that’s just a part of life in Florida.

Summer is a time when we get to relax and take it easy.  At least,  it’s supposed to be. A time when kids aren’t in school (which means less traffic for those of us who have to work). A time when we can see our friends,  hang out,  and act like we have no cares in the world,  just a sunny day and blue skies above our heads. But,  being the adults we are,  not everyone has the time to lounge by the beach supping cold frozen drinks. Sometimes summer is just a long forgotten word in our dictionary,  just like spring break (that still happens?) . If you do get to enjoy even the tiniest bit of actual summer down here, do what makes you happy, and take a moment to relax.

That being said,  do you have any plans this summer? A cross country road trip? Getting in as much beach time now before the test of the country comes down? Or maybe Sunday Funday by the pool grilling and cooling with friends? Did you know Redball has an awesome new summer league you can join,  with different games each week? That’s right,  Redball Recess starts this month,  with games like 4 square, capture the flag,  and Hungry Hungry Human. You aren’t going to want to miss out on the fun. You can sign up here ( )Whatever your plans are,  we hope hope you have an awesome summer!


It’s All About Safety!

No one wants to get hurt. It’s nothing personal, just our brain trying to keep itself safe. And we here at Redball want to make sure that everyone one of our players stays safe on the field, and at home during this hurricane season!


Here are a few things we recommend for you during game play!

  • Stay hydrated! – Always keep a bottle of water handy, to quench that thirst and keep from getting dehydrated while your out on the field.
  • Cleats – Okay well this one only really applies to our kickballers. While athletic shoes are a much better choice than playing in flip flops, we suggest cleats for the field. They give you better stability and grip while running on the grass. Let’s slide on purpose, not on accident!
  • Braces and tape – We aren’t those little kids running around during recess anymore. Make sure that if you need them, don’t leave those braces or athletic tape at home in a drawer somewhere. They can be helpful, and can help you from getting further injured.
  • Keep your eye on the ball – That doesn’t just go for those of you who are in play! You wouldn’t think a rubber ball could do much damage, but they sting pretty bad. Keep your eye on the ball wherever you are, we wouldn’t want to see anyone get a concussion (haha is that even possible?) for getting hit in the head by a fly ball.
  • Designated driver – This one is most important! We all like to have fun, and we know we can get a little rowdy. Make sure that you have a designated driver, or make a few taps on that cell phone of yours and call up an Uber!


And since it’s officially the start of hurricane season, here’s just a few more tips for you!

  • Stock up on all the essential supplies: batteries, water, canned food, radio, candles, lighters, a generator if you have one.
  • Make sure that you have an escape/evacuation plan. We live in Florida, and more often than not, the beach is less than 10 miles from us (or any body of water). If you live in evacuation or flood zone, make sure you have a way out to safety.
  • And since we live in Florida, it goes without saying, hurricanes don’t generally scare us. In fact, they normally result in hurricane parties. Just don’t be a fool and get too sloppy, that you can’t function in the event of a real emergency. Take precautions!

We value your safety, and that of others. Make the best choices, and be safe out there!

New Ideas for Redball

First off, on behalf of all of us at Redball, we would like to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mothers Day!

Now, it seems these days that more and more of our population is getting involved in sports and physical activities. There are numerous marathons being held on any given weekend, and there are adult social sports leagues in almost every city.

While the adult sports are always a great time, there are some of us out there that are starving for a more adventurous way to get our daily exercise in! Redball has a great following in the South Florida and Orlando area. Now we want to hear from you! What sports activities are you interested in? We have had some great feedback and would love to share with you.

One idea is a social sports league, playing different games every week. For example, have you ever wanted to play Hungry Hungry Hippo in real life? Or how about slip and slide kickball, or bubble soccer?

Maybe you just want to become more involved with Redball. Perhaps you feel like you need to be more connected with the world and would like to help those less fortunate! We here at Redball have thought about holding charity events every few months in conjunction with local charities. What does this involve you ask? It could be anything from a beach clean up, local get together, or a weekend game with proceeds benefiting different charities.

We would love your input and ideas. Let’s make this an awesome year, where our thoughts matter! Comment on this blog, or our players page on Facebook to let us know what you are thinking!

-Redball  Crew

Shots, Shots, Shots!

Hey there Redball!

We all take shots on the field, but this month, we wanted to put our “Unofficial” shots in the spotlight. But first, let me remind everyone. Please drink safely, don’t drink and drive, there’s Uber for a reason!

Now let’s get to it! Redball Kickball has been longstanding in the community. And with kickball, comes the social after party. If you haven’t already noticed, or ordered one at the bar, the unofficial shot for Redball Kickball is and always will be… FIREBALL!  That’s right, the cinnamon flavored whiskey that has grown mass popularity over the years, is undoubtedly the most ordered shot of the Redball franchise! Anyone remember two seasons ago during our Thursday night league when someone ordered literally a round of 100 fireball shots at the bar? They were passed out to anyone and everyone who came through! That’s just how it goes when Redball is at the bars!


Redball Dodgeball, has a shot of its own too! With its third season starting this month, it’s time we recognize the infamous picklebacks! You might be asking yourself, what is a pickleback? Well, a pickleback is a shot of Jameson whiskey, followed by a chaser of pickle juice. And trust me, it may sound gross, but it is the best thing you will ever try.  The pickleback shot has been around for a years, however the name didn’t come about until 2006 from bartender Reggie Cunningham after doing several of the shots upon request from a southern patron. And wait, did you know, Old Crow was the first whiskey to be served, not Jameson? But I think we all know, it tastes a lot smoother with Jameson.  Still not convinced you want to try that pickleback? Well, according to science the brine in pickles is an antidiuretic that contains electrolytes and absorbs salt. That means, it is perfect for hangovers.


So whether you are playing kickball or dodgeball, or you just want in on the action, don’t forget the next time you are at one of our sponsor bars, enjoy one of our “unofficial” shots!

The Top 10 Reasons to Date a Redballer

Those pink and red roses, stuffed animals all over store shelves, and chocolates for days. That’s right, Valentine’s day is right around the corner. If you are single or aren’t already dating a Redballer, here are top 10 reasons you should be dating one!

10. We love giant cock.. Cocktails that is. Social cup winners for our leagues get a giant red SOLO cup, and let me tell you, it’s the highlight of anyone’s day. We can appreciate a giant drink when we see one, and don’t back down from the challenge of drinking it. I guess you could say, as a Redballer difficult situations don’t phase us.

9. We know how to act out our aggression before it leads to something bad. Let’s face it, in this day and age, every little thing can set us off. Especially driving in this South Florida/Miami and Orlando traffic! With Redball, we look forward to the day when we can play kickball or dodgeball in order to act out any pent up aggression we have. And you want someone who can release that anger, before they release it on you. Maybe that’s why we’re so calm otherwise. Our mediation is our game.

8. We love to roleplay. Redballers dress up in theme every night, and have multiple costumes on hand for any occasion. Kinky , sexy school girl? We’ve got it. 80’s neon dance party? We’ve got that too. Anything you can think of, we probably have dressed up to it, or could put together a costume in a heartbeat.

7. We can go multiple rounds without rest. This means, we have some pretty good stamina. Just watch one of our Dodgeball matches. We play for 45 minutes straight without rest. And honestly, if it wasn’t a timed match, I am sure any of could last longer! If you want to date someone who can keep you on your toes, and last a long time in bed, then you need to date a Redballer. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Reballers are some of the most attractive people out there. And that’s not even an understatement. Walk into Briny’s or Hooch n Shine on a Thursday night around 10:00PM and try to tell me you don’t see a whole bar packed with the most attractive people in South Florida and Orlando. Maybe it’s the sweat glistening down our bodies, or the way our hair blows in the fans. If you can get a Redballer, your babies will thank you😉

5. We can drink anyone under the table. This is one thing we pride ourselves on. Every night after our games, we do go out and party, most of the time playing drinking games. Flip cup is a popular game of Redball, and everyone knows the rules. We can go through multiple pitchers before the night is over! So if you think you can keep on pace with us, come join us! However, we are always safe..can you say UBER? Be smart don’t drink and drive. 

4. Loyalty and honesty is a big dig deal to us. If you’ve ever been hurt by dishonesty and have trust issues, you can trust that we will be loyal and play by the rules. During our games, we have referees sure, but they cannot see all. A redballer will call themselves out fairly if the call is right. Also, we can trust we are loyal, as we come back and play season after season on the same team with our friends.

3. We know how to handle balls! Eight inch or ten inch, we like them in all sizes. We know the right technique to get those balls where we want them to go! All Redballers know, handling the balls correctly can ensure a good score and a win for your team.

2. We’re super athletic, and can get into all kinds of positions. First base, second base, third base, we even got home covered! You heard right, we know our positions well, and can play multiple positions in one night. Who else can get around the field than a Redballer? Just step right up, and be ready to fall in love.

1.We know how to party! That’s right, we know how to party and we know how to do it big. Just come out to one of our sponsors bars on a night of our league and you will see how we pack the bar as well as shut it down on most nights! If you don’t want a boring homebody, a Redballer is the perfect person for  you!