Meet Your Mood Directors

What is a Mood Director? We are the behind the scenes, social coordinators, flip cup judging, and overall directors of your mood! That means we are here to make sure that you are having fun not only during the games, but before and after. And to make sure that you keep on coming back. So why don’t you take a few minutes to get to know your current Mood Directors!



1. How did you first hear about Redball? I had a few friends who played kickball. I used to come out after the games to the bar and met a bunch of new people. When Redball started the dodgeball league I got more involved. The rest is history.
2. What hobbies do you have? I have a bunch! I  love to craft, and you can always find me trying to make new and different things. I am also an admin for theChive Fort Lauderdale, and we do charity events as well as social events. I will normally promote within our group, I love when I merge my Redballers and Chivers,
3. What’s your favorite color and why? Pink! I know it’s totally girly, and all but I just love the color. Any shade, hot pink, baby pink, all of them just speak to me.
4. What crazy antics are you bringing to kickball,  and Redball Social? I hope to bring crazy theme ideas and games, and get everyone involved.
5. What is your all time favorite theme to dress to and why? My favorite theme is a toss up between Halloween, and Disney. For Halloween, you can dress up as whatever you want, its an easy theme. And who doesn’t love Disney?
6. Name one thing that people don’t know about you. One thing people don’t know about me. Hmmm. Some people know, but I am half Chinese, half American, but my mom was born and raised in Jamaica. I am a mutt!
  1. How did you first hear about Redball? I heard about it through Facebook! Funny story… I signed up on the same day, I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone there and wasn’t sure what to expect. Everyone was so welcome and I met tons of different people, I have now new amazing friends, and also met my now boyfriend.
  2. What hobbies do you have? I love doing a lot of outdoor activities, but mainly what has caught my attention a lot is photography I love taking pictures of everything pretty much.
  3. What’s your favorite color and why? My favorite color is green, money color! Lol I feel like green stands out.
  4. What crazy antics are you bringing to kickball, and Redball Social? Crazy fun, crazy dressing up, crazy in pretty much everything!
  5. What is your all-time favorite theme to dress to and why?I like color wars, every team seems to go all out when it comes to this. The amount of things you can include to look better than the other teams is pretty awesome.
  6. Name one thing that people don’t know about you. Best guest bartending skills




1. How did you first hear about Redball?  My coworker used to play and he told me to join so that I could meet people after moving back from college.
2. What hobbies do you have? Hanging out with friends, playing with my dog, acting ridiculous, and playing sports.
3. What’s your favorite color and why? Green, blue, and anything along those lines, have been my favorite colors since I can remember. Not really sure why. I just like them.
4. What crazy antics are you bringing to kickball,  and Redball Social? I dress up and act ridiculous and I have no shame in doing it.
5. What is your all time favorite theme to dress to and why?  Any time I get to wear the banana suit is always fun. And fun tights.
6. Name one thing that people don’t know about you. Most people don’t know that I am a ninja 😉
1. How did you first hear about Redball? A friend of a friend mentioned playing kickball and drinking at the same time and frankly that’s all I needed to hear, I was in.
2. What hobbies do you have? Drinking.. haha jk. I spend a lot of time with my family. I like the beach, the gym, going to events.
3. What’s your favorite color and why? Purple because, uhm I don’t know I picked it when I was little and now I’m stuck with it.
4. What crazy antics are you bringing to kickball,  and Redball Social?  I like to come up with the themes and dress up for them. I’m also good at the drinking part. But, I really think that it’s Redball Social that brings the crazy antics to me. Who knew alcohol & sports would go hand and hand.
5. What is your all time favorite theme to dress to and why? Hmm, probably any kind of superhero/fantasy theme just because I love those kinds of movies- Harry potter, Star Wars, anything Marvel, etc.
6. Name one thing that people don’t know about you. I have 6 siblings.
So now that you know a little more about us, come say hi! We love meeting new people.

Player of the Month: Andy Powell

The summer has been crazy to say the least. We debuted our Wednesday league again with 12 teams! But Hurricane Irma had to come along and disrupt a few weeks for our kickball and dodgeball leagues. Now that we are all caught up, we want to take the time to recognize our Player of the Month Andy Powell!


Andy has been with Redball for a long time. He currently just finished being league manager for the Wednesday night league. (If you are interested, the Wednesday night league starts back up December 6th, and you can register here: )

If you have ever seen Andy at the field, you know how crazy he can get. He’s a good player, but can party even better! We asked him a few questions to see what Redball is all about to him!

What made you join Redball? Friends, fun, and drinking. (*Drink responsibly! Use Uber or a designated driver! We love when you have fun, but be responsible)
What is your favorite thing about Redball? I like meeting new people. Getting together with friends and something to do.
What is the best game you ever had? Best game I ever had I kicked 2 home runs with left and right foot. Pitched the whole game . Only had 8 people and won.
What is the worst game you ever had? Worst game I showed up to game after being at strip club all day. Was so drunk I couldn’t catch anything dropped like 4 pop flys.
What’s the secret to winning? The secret to winning is have a good mix of talent. Have everyone understand their role.
What do you recommend for anyone who wants to join Redball? Redball is fun good times. Get a team Facebook page so you can be organized and joke around with everyone during the week. It adds to the fun.
So next time you see Andy on the field or at the bar, just give him a big high five!
*P.S. He is probably going to kill me for the picture we used. But we had some fun on his birthday. We hired a balloon artist, and let’s just say when Redball is involved, things can get wild!

Team of the Month: Dodgie Style 2.0!

Sorry for the lack of posts these couple months, it has been a hectic time. This month, we want to recognize our Redball Dodgeball team Dodgiestyle, although I will refer to them as Dodgie Style 2.0. You see, this team formed a few seasons ago, however brought back the name Dodgiestyle. Dodgie Style started out as one of the first teams in our dodgeball league, with me as the captain. I took over the team, when a fellow friend could no longer commit to the team. Then after 4 seasons, and 3 Social Cup championships I decided to leave the game.

David Suriel, took over the team, making it a great team, and I was very reluctant to let the team name go. But, as the story goes, I was coaxed into giving the name back, and now Dodgiestyle is out there doing their thing on the court. They are looking for the Social Cup comeback, and trying to win on the court as well. I spoke with captain David on what his thoughts are about Redball and Dodgeball.

What made you guys join Redball? I wanted to meet more people

What’s your favorite thing about Redball? The social aspect and how friendly everyone is

Who is the silliest person on your team? Drunk Zack

Who is the best player on your team and why? Brandon has a great throw

What was your best game? Game against HIIT squad (known now as Bad Boys for Life) last season

What’s the craziest thing to happen during a game? Getting my beer knocked out of my hand while reffing by a ball thrown

Any advice for new teams looking to join, or new players starting? We are very friendly and social group with a few loose screws.

You can catch us playing Dodgeball Wednesday nights at America’s Got Soccer in Fort Lauderdale. Check out what we do here!

“Off Season”

ameangirls2.gifWhile we always try to keep you entertained with the multiple sports leagues that we offer, there comes a time when you have an “off season”. You may start to miss the smell of the grass, the wind blowing in your face,  the many drinks that happen pre, post and during games. But have no fear! We have a few simple suggestions to get you through until your next season starts!
1. Keep active on your league nights. Just because your league ended doesn’t mean you should become a couch potato until the next season. Find an activity to participate in until you can be out on the field or back at the lanes again. Do group dinners or practices until you can meet back up for games.
2. Don’t let your bartenders suffer because your league ended.  Sticking with suggestion number 1, why not continue your weekly commute to the local bar, and give those bartenders some love!
3. Stay in shape! Why not run a 5k one morning? Or hold weekly team practices to keep your skills sharp. Whatever you choose to do, go out there and get some exercise!
4. Join one of our other leagues. Did you know we offer kickball,  dodgeball and bowling? Why not try one or more of them out? You never know if you like it if you don’t try!
So don’t be a Debbie Downer when your season finishes, just follow these tips to turn that frown upside down until you can play again!

Redball Player of the Month- Mike Williams!

When you think of Redball, the first thing that comes to mind is kickball. But did you know we also have many other social sports leagues, including dodgeball and bowling? And that’s where our player of the month for March is from.


Mike Williams is in our Monday Night Fort Lauderdale bowling league. He plays with his team, Stardust Unicorns. You can catch them each week in their famous unicorn shirts. And this team is pretty good. But Mike has had an especially awesome season, and we are only halfway through. He was the first one for our league to bowl a perfect score. That’s 10 frames of strikes!

We asked him a few questions about his experience, read on to find out more!

What made you join Redball? I joined several years ago to give me something to do on Mondays,  which were otherwise a drab day that I didn’t look forward to. Now it’s my favorite day of the week!

What is your favorite thing about Redball? Getting together with a group of great people each and every week to have a Monday night party!

What is the best game you ever had? I bowled a 300…. that was pretty fun.

What is the worst game you ever had? There have been some rough nights. However, the pitchers and fireball help us forget those nights!

What’s the secret to winning?  Our team wouldn’t know. Luck I assume?

What do you recommend for anyone who wants to join the Bowling league? Do it! Also, you might want to plan on taking an Uber home!


Team of the Month- Stranger Danger!

Here at Redball, we have decided to start spotlighting some of our awesome tears and their players! This month our team of the month is Stranger Danger,  from our Thursday Night Fort Lauderdale league.

Remember when you were younger and your parents used to tell you,  if you see someone you don’t know to stay away,  and if they tried to talk to you or get you away from where you are to tell out “STRANGER DANGER”? Well it’s a good thing you don’t have to worry about that with this team.

Stranger Danger started as a team back in 2014. Since then,  they have had some pretty good seasons with us,  and always come back for the fun.  You can always find them on the field, or in the back of Brinys.  I got a chance to ask them a few questions this past week.  Lets see what they said. (I had to make a few edits to make it more appropriate)

What made you guys join Redball? Meeting great people while playing in a great league. What can go wrong kicking balls and drinking adult beverages.

What is the best thing about Redball?
All the great friends we’ve meet along the way.

Who is the silliest person on your team? Todd he’s got more energy than a toddler that’s why we call him Todd.

Who is the best player on your team and why? All of us kick butt.

What was your best game? Tonight’s game when we kick these punks butts. (And yes. They won the game)

What’s the craziest thing to happen during a game? Missy slides into second base and gets a concussion in her pajamas.

Any advice for new teams looking to join, or new players starting? Get ready to have fun, meet great people, play for a great league and best of all drink drink and drink some more.

So next time you see these guys out, give them a high five, join them for a game of pong, or just try and beat them at kickball.  Either way,  this month is for you Strangers!




Elections, turkeys, and Redballs?

Today is the day where we can go back to watching TV without all the political madness. Whether you agree or disagree with the outcome of this presidential election, one this is for certain. Everyone will be watching the next four years.

There has been a lot of talk the past few months about all the presidential candidates. Living in a swing state, we have been bombarded with negative campaign ads, and numerous political rallies for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. We were reminded daily of the email scandal of Clinton, and the way Trump degraded women, minorities, and people with disabilities. Both candidates made strong arguments to better our country, and in the end, we had to choose one.

But enough about politics. It’s November, which means Thanksgiving. I am sure we all have a lot to be thankful for this year. We can be thankful for this election to finally be over (again whether you agree with it or not). We can be thankful that Florida finally passed a medical Marijuana law! We can be thankful we are here, with friends and family. Most importantly, be thankful you get to get together one night (or more) during the week and play some awesome sports with some pretty incredible friends. Whatever you are thankful for this year, know that we are thankful for your support and that you continue to come back and play with us. So thank you Redballers!

-Redball Crew